PRANAYAMA INTO PRACTICE ; Teachers Training (17h00)

More and more breath is becoming /important in your yoga/classes, also meditational breathing.
How does it work?
How does the breathing system work? How to you use it?
And how can you teach this to your students in a safe way?
How to integrate pranayama in your vinyasa, yin & hatha classes?

As a teacher of breath I would like to invite you for a weekend training, to bring these breathing exercises into the classes you teach aswel as in your own practice!
It's open to all teachers who want to develop their breath and knowledge about breath.

About Franck Gielen, Breathing therapist and yoga / meditationtrainer
“’ If you master your breath you master the mind and your life”
( FatehBir)

Franck Gielen (FatehBir Singh) first came, after several experiences in his life, in contact with yoga, breathing and meditation during his world travels in Bali and India, and has afterwards been educated in Europe and America.

In the past he has guided several teachers training sessions in breathing and meditation. He guides groups as well as individuals at home and abroad in their search for more inner peace, focus and well being by working with their breath.

Breathing is his passion and he wonders why there are so little breathing techniques tought in yoga classes. After being asked by several people he has decided to share his knowledge.

Franck has the capacity to keep things simple and down to earth and how to teach a life changing experience that you can apply to give your lessons more depth.

The weekend consist in:
- your own experiences with breathing
- the anatomy of the breathing system from a western point of view and the pranayama from the eastern (oriental) philosophy.
- We teach you how to use the breathing and meditation techniques in your yoga lessons during the last day when we apply everything you have learned in a short lesson.

Fatehbir Singh: (the one who concurs everything in his life and true that he can be an inspiration for many)

Location: Joy of Yoga Studio, Wijnegemsteenweg 44A 2970 's Gravenwezel
Date: 22/11/2019: 18 - 21 u, 23/11 en 24/11: 9-12u30-13u30-17
Price: Early bird before September 15 €325, after €400
Language: English or Dutch according to participants.
Reservation: email to

Franck Gielen

Franck Gielen

Meer info en reservaties : 0497 50 68 61 of